Please note the blogger mentioned added a disclaimer to the article discussed after its initial publishing claiming its content was “satirical.”

Roosh V is a microbiologist turned blogger who has written cringe worthy articles such as “8 Things American Women Must Do to Themselves More Be Attractive for Men,” and “10 Reasons Heterosexual Men Should Leave America,” and has seemingly overnight became infamous for his satirical article “How To Stop Rape.”

Roosh refers to himself as a “Neomasculinist” which he says “combines traditional beliefs, masculinity and animal biology into one ideological system.”

A cornerstone of this ideology is the belief that mankind has only survived because we live in a patriarchal society where men are heads of state and the home. He goes into great detail on specific proportions and physical characteristics women MUST have to be considered attractive.

Another belief is that everyone should follow the binary sex code, so those who do not act in those two categories are considered “artificial, non-biological and deviant.” He hates the gay and transsexual community, or basically anyone who doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes. What a guy, right?

Aside from being a sexist blogger, he’s also a sexist author! He has a range of pickup and sex tourist books with tasteful, elegant titles like “Bang,” “Day Bang,” “Columbia Bang,” “Ukraine Bang,” and so much more.

In “How To Stop Rape,” Roosh criticizes rape education and compares men knowing that rape is bad is like knowing that the sun rises and sets each day. It’s simple common sense. Even though I’m willing to bet this man has never stepped foot into an actual rape education class in his life.

He goes onto discuss that women have become lazy when protecting themselves from being raped in social settings. Then he discusses how some women lie about rape because they’re ashamed, and they wrongfully criminalize men. This does happen and is a problem, but he then begins the swan dive into a satirical idea that is absolutely crazy.

He satirically writes, “make rape legal if done on private property. I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.” He continues, “For all other rapes, however, especially if done in a dwelling or on private property, any and all rape that happens should be completely legal.”

Let’s consider this “satirical thought experiment.” Would this law apply to men and children as well? Is it legal to rape service people who come onto private property? If a car is considered private property can someone legally take someone into their car and rape them?

Even if it is not to be taken literally, I find his suggestion completely absurd and sexist. This is especially a problem when taken in the context of the rest of Roosh’s serious blogs that are very sexist.

Roosh wants women to live in fear of men so the patriarchy that he holds so dearly isn’t threatened.

Men like him desecrate women to inflate themselves and their delicate masculinity. Roosh is but a horny bottom feeder whose constant rejection has fueled a blind hatred for the opposite sex.

Roosh also manifests a paranoia that there is an Illuminati-like system of women trying enslave the male populace. This guy is clearly not of sound mind and has so many latent sexuality issues even Freud wouldn’t know what to do with him.

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