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Shamefully, I have not had much experience with American restaurants to put in this article. After the six months that I’ve spent study­ing in the U.S., I did not try many restaurants. I mean, I could have done more, ex­plored more, and achieved more. Let me just share what I did eat and how I feel about the food here.

Days after I finally con­quered the uncomfortable jet lag and strange surround­ings, I put myself out to en­joy the life here. I adjusted my image for a makeover and headed down to the cafeteria. The main reason that limited me to explore the restaurants off campus is the meal plan I had in the first semester, which covered almost every meal I needed. Most of the time, I ended up eating in the school cafeteria.

To be fair, the cafeteria food is quite nice and it’s okay for me to have every meal there as I am not too fussy nor do I have high-standard requirement for daily meals.

Besides, there are loads of choices and the menu differs every day. We can try international cuisines at times and there are special offers according to certain festivals.

Gradually, it spoiled me rotten because of the meal portions, and the sweet desserts.

Fun facts I discovered about food in America:

When I went to the cinema with friends, I was so surprised the popcorn tasted salty here as I only had sweet caramel popcorn in my whole life!

Also, every cookie I had tasted was crispy like chips, but I tried my first bite of a soft cookie and it was strange.

I liked having burgers a lot, but for some reason I have rarely ordered any burgers since I’ve been here.

It’s quite difficult to define the original authentic American food. It’s like a fusion of various cultures and essences but adapted with American characteristics.

I guess that is the exact whole charm of the country. You can always tell a lot about a place by its food.

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