(image credit: Nick Klotz)

The Computer Technology Club (CTC) is a club that enables students interested in computers and other technologies to come together and learn more about the field with fun member-driven projects. CTC provides a space where students can work together on IT projects with assistance from fellow members.

Most recently, CTC worked on a ‘Smart Mirror’ project. The smart mirror is a two-way mirror with a screen and a mini computer (called a Raspberry Pi) behind it which allows the display of text or images on the mirror while still allowing users to see their reflection on the mirror side.

As for this year, for our first project, the club is looking to collaborate with other student organizations on campus in order to build a full arcade cabinet with the goal of being able to play student created games in a permanent space the pub.

CTC meets every Wednesday in Robert Frost 333 from 5-7pm. Snacks and refreshments are provided at all meetings.

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