Looking for something to do other than homework during off-class hours? Then never fear, clubs are here. SNHU has dozens of clubs involving academics, hobbies, activity planning and much more.

The first step to getting involved with a club on campus is to visit the Involvement Fair on September 14th. At the Involvement Fair, almost all of the clubs available at SNHU will have tables set up where students will be able to learn more about the organization and determine whether they would like to be a part of it. Take a good look around, talk to eboard members and sign up for the email lists that each club will have available so that you can learn more about when and where the club’s meetings will take place. Make sure that the clubs do not conflict with your schedule.

There are many different clubs with different specialties and tastes. The Penmen Press, for example, is a club where you can learn to write articles. Clubs such as CAPE (Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events) provide students with the opportunity to engage in event planning. CAPE runs a large amount of events during the year that students can help plan such as the major Fall concert. If you’re more of an outdoors person, the outing club plans many trips involving hiking and other adventures around New England. There are also clubs centered more around academics like Environmental Science Club or the Hospitality Students Association. The Diversity Office oversees plenty of clubs for students to join, including Generation Equality, Multi-Cultural Students Union, HOLA and more. These are only a few of the clubs that are available for students to join on campus.

If you can’t attend a club due to scheduling, another involvement fair will be held during the spring semester where you can touch base with that club again. Finding a balance is important. Pick a few clubs that you really like, and attend the meetings as often as you can. If you really enjoy a club and want to be in a leadership position within the club, you can run for the club’s eboard. Elections are typically held in the spring semester and offer students a great opportunity to take on addition responsibilities.

The most important rule, however, is to have fun. That is the real end goal of clubs: Have a good time and meet new people.

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