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I, as always, have complicated feelings about spring.

It is a season of vitality: new leaves growing, blossoms are blooming everywhere, and ani­mals are awake from hibernation. But every year back in my home­town, it can get really unpleasant during this period.

As spring begins in the south­ern coastal area, the humid cli­mate makes everything watery, plus the intersection of the warm and cold air masses makes for continuous rainy days. The mois­ture in the air causes stuffiness and an unpleasant feeling. Water accumulates from the walls and floors which make everything sticky and gross. I remember in the news last year someone re­ported that there was a family who had mushrooms pop out of wallpaper.

Also, the clothing and fabric can get moldy and stinky. There was this one year after spring where I found my books and they were infected. They must have gotten soaked during the spring time and the pages all stuck to­gether. I tried to unfold them apart reluctantly, but the content was ruined and I had to throw all of them away.

After that, I would wrap up every single book with a plastic cover each year before spring and would uncover them after the season was over to keep them protected. The whole drenched ambience was quite upsetting to me and I would fantasize about how nice it would be if there were an enormous dryer for the city to use.

This year, I have received a totally new experience with the season of spring. It is nice to know that nothing wet happens here except for the melting of snow and ice.

After a three-hour flight to Orlando, Florida, it felt like the changing of seasons. I went from the cool New Hampshire air to the tropical climate in Florida.

I got to wear a short sleeve tee shirt on a bright sunny day at Walt Disney World! The dream of visiting Disney World has always been on my mind. I’ve heard so much about Disney and making a trip to there is like pil­grimage for me.

Three days were totally not enough to wander around the whole park for us, it was a bit tiring but exciting to explore dif­ferent theme parks in this giant land. I was surprised to found out that despite its tremendous area they celebrate many less popular characters even the villains at this park.

Usually, they just celebrate the popular characters in Hong Kong Disneyland. The people who visit there mostly just think the characters are cute. These people might have watched a few of the most popular commercial flicks, but they don’t know the other works from Disney.

In Disney World in Florida the staff is very involved by acting out characters and having a good time. A bunch of tourists sang out the theme songs together with the characters which made it so exciting to see. That makes me love Disney even more and I can’t wait to visit it again in the future.

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