Participants from Undergraduate Research Day (Image courtesy: UGR SharePoint)

College is meant to be a time to share experiences and learn breakthrough information to share it with your peers. A great way to do this is to present at Undergraduate Research Day here at SNHU. Undergraduate research is a great way to learn more about a topic you might be interested in with guidance from SNHU professors.

Not only can our STEM majors present their scientific findings, but any field of study can be explored further and presented.

Dr. Katie Duryea, Associate Professor of Biology, starts her second year as director of Undergraduate Research and encourages students of all disciplines to participate.

“Undergraduate Research Day is a great opportunity for students to share what they’re most passionate about,” said Duryea.

Proposals for this year’s Undergraduate Research were due February 23 and for returning students it can be a great opportunity to explore what they’re passionate about.

To some, SNHU might not be the peak for presentation of their topic, for those who wish to reach audiences outside of the SNHU community, grant money can be awarded for conference and travel fees. March 1, 2024, is the deadline for applications and short essay responses for these grants.

Students also have the chance to be recognized further for their research.

Sarah Hooley, a senior at SNHU is doing research that stands out to Dr. Duryea. Sarah is working in the SNHU arboretum researching whether photographs of salamanders is a reliable way to identify them in the field.

Her findings are to be uploaded to SPARCnet (Salamander Population & Adaptation Research Collaboration Network) to add to the field of knowledge of salamander identification, these efficient and accurate processes can be extremely helpful to researchers that need to keep track of ecological responses to stressors on specific salamanders.

While Sarah (‘24) is researching information to contribute to the STEM field, topics related to business, fine arts, sociology, and any other topic that can be further studied is encouraged to be explored.

Undergraduate Research Day is a great way to present your research and support your peers in their findings. Presentation day is the first Wednesday of April (April 3) throughout the SNHU campus. Go check out the great things SNHUdents have been researching.