Last-Minute Opportunities

Securing an internship or job for the summer is something many students aim to do. If one hasn’t, no need to worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with employers and snag the perfect internship or job to help you gain experience this summer. Students that need internships or jobs over the summer should first start searching on SNHU Recruit. This database

Upcoming Elevator Pitch Competition

The Elevator Pitch Competition will take place on Wednesday, April 11 in the Gustafson Center. This competition is for students to practice their elevator pitch with real employers. An elevator pitch is a short summary of ones’ professional self and goals. The idea behind developing a great elevator pitch is to be prepared as if one was in an elevator with the CEO of

Internship Fair Approaching: Stop Interview Anxiety

It’s that time of year again for internship and job interviews for the upcoming summer. Lots of students deal with nervousness and anxiety before going into an interview, so here are some tips and tricks to calm one’s nerves before that big interview. One thing that students love is their caffeine. Caffeine, however, can make students hyper, drive anxiety and make students sweat more.

Winter is Coming, It’s Time to Prepare

It is almost time for winter break; a time where students relax and try not to think about schoolwork too much; but this is also a great time to start looking for internships and job opportunities, and update one’s resume.  Seniors should start looking for career opportunities for after they graduate in May, and SNHU Recruit is a great place to start looking for them.  For seniors, odds are they still have a

Find Success with the Career and Professional Development Center

The Career and Professional Development Center helps students with so much more than just resumes and job searches. Students can meet with a career counselor one on one to help with choosing a major, (for those who are undecided or would like to switch), and also help students practice mock interview skills, develop their LinkedIn profiles and expand their network. Freshmen to seniors use

On Campus, No Problem: Career Services Discusses the Importance of On Campus Interviews

It is October which means it is on-campus interview season. On-campus interviews are something that all SNHU students should utilize if possible. On-campus interviews are where students have the opportunity to meet with employers for an interview directly on campus. This makes it easier for both the employer and the student by having a central location where they can interview many students at once,

The Work Study Rush

Work study is a great way to get a foot in the door when looking for a job after college. Work study can provide students with valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives while helping students receive some money for the year. Finding a work study job on campus can be increasingly difficult as the year goes on; if

How to SNHU: Ins And Outs Of Career Development

Some people might be asking themselves, what exactly is the Career & Professional Development Center and how does it help me? The Career & Professional Development Center is a resource that students can access by visiting the Gustafson Center. The Career Center helps students by giving them the resources they need to make sure that they succeed in the professional world during and after

Resources for Career Success

SNHU provides a plethora of tools for the students use to find careers and internships, whether a student is in progress with their degree or looking for something after they graduate. Here are some of the options to help students find opportunities available to them: CareerEdge is a great tool to find job opportunities and articles with tips on how to write a resume,