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It is almost time for winter break; a time where students relax and try not to think about schoolwork too much; but this is also a great time to start looking for internships and job opportunities, and update one’s resume. 

Seniors should start looking for career opportunities for after they graduate in May, and SNHU Recruit is a great place to start looking for them. 

For seniors, odds are they still have a lot of things they can do to improve their chances of receiving a job or internship. Updating one’s resume is easily one of the most important things a student can accomplish over winter break. 

Updating relevant projects that one has worked on during the year, or any recent jobs that have not yet been added to their resume would be a great start. One should update their resume every couple of months, so they don’t forget anything that they’ve accomplished. 

Even when looking for a Summer internship, Winter break is a great time to access SNHU Recruit and start searching. Internships can give students a great advantage because it gives them the necessary skills they need in life after college to receive a job in their field.  

Check out SNHU Recruit for the latest internships and job postings. Also, those searching mustn’t forget to make an appointment with a career counselor to receive feedback on their resume or direction they should take when looking for internships or jobs. 

Appointments can be made today by calling the Career & Professional Development center at 603-645-9793 or stop by the office in the Gustafson Center. 

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