It’s that time of year again for internship and job interviews for the upcoming summer. Lots of students deal with nervousness and anxiety before going into an interview, so here are some tips and tricks to calm one’s nerves before that big interview.

One thing that students love is their caffeine. Caffeine, however, can make students hyper, drive anxiety and make students sweat more. Instead of drinks with caffeine in them, students should drink some water and have a light meal, so their stomach will not be upset.

Don’t forget to breathe. It may sound extremely obvious, but some people forget that to relax, all they need to do is breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Deep breaths and counting from one to 10 can help students relax and calm their nerves.

Preparation is one of the most important things to do before an interview. Be prepared for the types of questions the employer might ask. Students can practice with interview questions online with a friend or family member. Students also can contact The Career and Professional Development Center to set up an appointment with a counselor for a mock interview.

Being positive with oneself is extremely important for success. Students should not set themselves up for failure; if a student believes that they can ace the interview, they will most likely ace it. Positivity shows through to the employer because those who are positive tend to be less nervous during the interview process.

Overall, students can calm their anxiety by following these steps. If students would like to set up a mock interview, have their resume reviewed or learn more tips on how to calm their anxiety, they can make an appointment by calling the Career and Professional Development Center at 603-645-9793 or stop by the office in the Gustafson Center.

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