(image credit: SNHU Work Study)

Work study is a great way to get a foot in the door when looking for a job after college. Work study can provide students with valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives while helping students receive some money for the year.

Finding a work study job on campus can be increasingly difficult as the year goes on; if one would like to work, get out there and submit multiple applications to multiple places as soon as possible.

During the first week of school, Career Development hosted a work study fair in the Upper Dining Hall. This is where students who were looking for work, including on and off campus jobs, could go and find multiple places to submit applications and set up interviews. Most of the jobs that were available were looking for students that were provided work study.

Almost all work study jobs will provide students with people skills, teach them how to overcome difficult challenges on their own and how to not be afraid to ask questions.

Work study jobs help students gain experience to add to their resume to show employers that they can balance school, work, clubs and sports while attending college.

Work study jobs on campus can be more practical for some students due to the understanding nature of employers regarding students’ schedules and can plan their shifts around them, instead of the student trying to plan around a work schedule.

Also, students will not need a car to go to work, so students without cars would greatly benefit from having a job on campus to gain a bit of extra money during the year.

Work study is a great way to gain experience for life after college. Students will make friends with their co-workers, meet new staff members on campus and learn more about behind the scene work that goes on at SNHU.

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