SNHU Swimming Pool (image courtesy: TeamUnify)

There was once a day where the SNHU and greater Manchester communities could use the pool in the athletic complex. The pool was closed over a year ago when campus was closed due to COVID, but has yet to be repurposed.

Closing the pool opened the door to new opportunities for what the space can become. Campus Director of Athletics and Recreation, Anthony Fallacaro, dives into the future of the space.

“This gave us an opportunity to conduct a deep dive into potential renovations or repairs for facilities and as we examined the pool, it was going to require extensive, costly maintenance,” Fallacaro said. “The filter mechanisms needed replacing and significant attention was required for the structural integrity of the walls and ceilings. Indoor pools are always harsh on the structure itself due to the humidity and maintaining of the water itself. We conducted several usage reviews, and it was deemed that only a very small percentage of our campus students and staff utilized the pool.”

After examining the needs of campus, it was made clear that the pool wasn’t something that was being used to its fullest capacity; therefore, the university deemed it wasn’t the best investment going forward.

“As we examined transforming campus to better suit our student needs, it became clear that the pool was not something they were taking advantage of,” Fallacaro said. “Therefore, I felt it wasn’t a good investment for the campus. I felt our resources could be directed to other areas of campus if needed.” 

The space is getting reviewed as well for its possible use; experts are being brought in to review the structure and surrounding area.

“We have engaged with a company to review the pool and surrounding structure of the Athletic Complex to determine the best use of that space,” Fallacaro said. “Whenever you are looking at a large space and its future, it is beneficial to bring in experts on buildings and sustainability to evaluate the specific parts of it.”

All of campus is being considered when it comes to the reutilization of this space, and nothing is being left unconsidered.

“Currently the results of the structural review are being evaluated and all campus needs are being considered,” Fallacaro said. “The options are multiple, and as the stages of review progress, the best use of the space will be determined.”

Many outlets from around campus will have a say in what is done to the space during the process as it goes on to different stages.

“There will be many contributions from the campus collective and at different times during the process and its different stages. This can include facilities, campus planning, sustainability, and all levels of University leadership and the student perspective,” said Fallacaro.

Despite being unused for over a year, what the space will be remains unknown, but Fallacaro assures that much thought is being put into the process.

“There are several stages to a large undertaking like this so it is too early to say what the space may become but it will be a thoughtful process,” Fallacaro said.