Academic Calendar. (Image courtesy: Felicia Johns)

SNHU started its Fall ’22 semester on August 29 and is currently progressing through the 2022-2023 academic calendar. The fall semester ends on December 18 and final grades will be available on December 20.

SNHU observed Veterans Day on November 11 by canceling all classes and closing offices. Thanksgiving break began on November 22, when dorms closes, and ended the following Sunday, November 27.

Online classes, which are eight-week courses, started on October 24 and will end on December 18. Online and on-campus students have the same end date for the fall semester. Dorm halls close on December 16.

The Spring ‘23 semester for undergraduate students begins on January 2, 2023. Students can return to campus on January 1 and classes will resume on January 2; the term ends on April 23. Spring classes began on January 3 last year, but students only returned to campus following a two-week remote period after the holidays.

Spring Break this year is the week of March 13, which is also when the senior trip will take place. Next academic year, Fall ’23 students will return to campus on August 28 and the fall semester will run until December 17. Dates are subject to change.

Summer courses this year will run from May 1, 2023 to August 20, 2023.

Graduate students at SNHU are also in the middle of their semesters. SNHU’s graduate calendar this year is as follows: Graduate programs consist of 10-week terms and the 2023 graduate schedule is starting in January. The January 2023 term starts on January 30 and ends on April 9. The April term starts on April 17 and ends on June 25. The July term begins on July 3 and ends on September 10.

More information on both the undergraduate and graduate academic calendars can be found on SNHU’s website,