SNHU chooses American Dining Creations as next vendor (image courtesy: Chris Tutt)

One of the hottest topics amongst the SNHU community has been the university’s decision to part ways with Sodexo and sign a contract with American Dining Creations (ADC). This past summer has been full of transition in order to make sure that everything is ready to go for the return of the student body. Walking into the dining hall, there is already lots of changes such as new artwork, names, and options; ADC looks to start off the year strong and make a lasting first impression.

Amanda Picardi, ADC’s Resident District Manager, looks to do this with the student body and aligns her perspective with ADC’s core values.

“I’m a true believer in working for a company that I stand behind their values,” Picardi said. “Quality is number one, customer service is up there [as well]. We want to make sure that we’re engaging with the students…we want to get to know them.”

After a partnership that lasted a decade and a half, a transition with any company was surely going to be difficult. However, the transition has been going quite smoothly according to Sue Elsass, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Campus Strategist.

“[Picardi] is an amazing partner to work with. She’s so flexible with what she needs or if we need something….We’ve begun this really nice partnership,” Elsass said.

Gone are the days of worrying about running out of money or spending hundreds of dollars in Penmen Place to get rid of it. With ADC’s Membership Meal Plan, students will have much more freedom. The word ‘unlimited’ has been used before, but that isn’t necessarily the case. But don’t worry, no one will be going hungry with the new meal plan.

“Students are allowed 14 swipes a day, which is a lot of swipes,” Picardi said. “You can use those swipes at Einstein Bagels, Dunkin’ Donuts, Webster, and the dining hall.”

In the dining hall, once you swipe into the building, it is a free for all, but if you leave and come back, that’ll cost another swipe. At Dunkin’ Donuts and Einstein Bagel Bros, a swipe will encompass options like a drink and sandwich, but specifics are still being determined.

The most anticipated options for this coming year are the Dunkin’ Donuts and the Einstein Bros Bagels. Picardi has August 28 as the anticipated opening date for the Einstein Bagel Bros cafe, with no timeline in place for the Dunkin’ Donuts. While the full options may not be completed until after the beginning of the semester, there will be temporary options until the construction is complete. These temporary options include a Dunkin’ trailer and an Einstein set up in the student center.

It is no secret that a new beginning in the dining hall is much anticipated, and ADC looks to capitalize on this opportunity to win the hearts of the SNHU community.

“My goal is to show this whole campus that we want to be here; we want to be part of the SNHU [community], and we want the students to be like ‘wow, not only [do] we love coming to SNHU, but we love [ADC],” Picardi said.