Coach Loiseau resigns his post as head baseball coach (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz)

SNHU baseball coach, Scott Loiseau, resigned as head coach of the Penmen baseball team after accepting the position as Associate Head Coach at Penn State University. The news broke on July 14 from SNHU Athletics.  

Loiseau led the Penmen to a 480-209-2 record over his 14 seasons while racking up four NE10 championships, five regional championships, and contending for the national championship in each of those five seasons.

“In athletics, there is always the chance an excellent coach can move onto a new or bigger position,” Director of Athletics and Recreation, Anthony Fallacaro said. “Coach Loiseau is one of the best coaches in the country so there has always been interest from some other universities and Division I positions.”

This isn’t the first time Loiseau has left SNHU for a DI program; in 2015 he was an assistant coach at the University of Oklahoma. Loiseau’s roots are deep in Penmen Nation and the NH community, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

“I don’t think [Loiseau] was looking but when Penn State comes along, it is a tough position to pass up. It was the right time for Coach Loiseau and his family to make this big move to Pennsylvania. Penn State is one of the top athletic programs in the country and very well supported by a national audience,” Fallacaro said.

The decision for Loiseau comes after Penn State hired Mike Gambino, former head coach at Boston College, to be the head coach for the Nittany Lions. Both northeast guys, Gambino certainly saw Loiseau’s track record and gave him the nod. Loiseau goes down as the most successful baseball coach in SNHU’s history, and his work will make the opening spot desirable. The nature of college sports is that there is always a way up, and Loiseau is getting his shot.

“Athletics is a profession that can often present new challenges and growth in your position. Coach Loiseau grew our program to one of the best in the country and was well known throughout the coaching ranks as an incredible coach but also a tremendous evaluator of talent,” Fallacaro said. “That makes him a very attractive hire and he has had a few offers to leave for Division I positions during his long career at SNHU but they just weren’t the right fit or the right time. This position at Penn State was a very desirable position at a Power 5 school. These opportunities do not come along very often and this one was the one that [Loiseau] felt comfortable taking. It was the right fit and the right time.” 

The search for a new head coach is ongoing, and with the success of the program, that position should be filled quickly.

“We are currently doing a national head coach search and have received tremendous interest from the baseball community. When you have a program as good as ours there are always people that want to lead it and good players that want to be a part of it. I am confident we will find a great head coach soon and they will be inheriting a program steeped in tradition and success. We will start on-campus interviews in early August and hope to be announcing the next head coach just as school is starting.”