International Student Services. (Image courtesy: Katelyn Nichols)

The office of International Student Services (ISS), located in the Green Center, room 108, helps international students with their time at SNHU. Once international students are on campus, the office supports them through the process of being an SNHU student.

“The students are first supported by International Admissions. This includes receiving their initial immigration documents and receiving support while they apply to the US Embassy in their home country for the student visa,” said Director of ISS, James English. “Once the student arrives on the SNHU campus, then our office begins supporting them. That includes check-in, orientation, immigration advising, cultural transition, and programming.” 

Approximately 510 international students are studying on campus, and another 128 are employed off-campus. The office provides multiple services to international students to help support them through the process of immigrating and getting the appropriate documents and licenses.

“We provide immigration support, which mainly includes maintaining each international student’s immigration record in the US government’s SEVIS system (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). We also help students apply for Social Security Numbers and NH driver’s licenses; work authorization for internships and after graduation employment; cultural transition advising; and long-term immigration advising,” said English.

There are five professional staff in ISS, including English. Leanne Bowden is the Assistant Director of International Student Engagement, Dawn Sedutto is the Senior Immigration Specialist, Jackie Penrod is an Immigration Specialist, and Dakotah Stiles is the Office Manager.

The office provides support for international students by assisting them through the transition so they can be successful personally, academically, and professionally. 

“The immigration support we provide ensures students have the legal platform to study and work in the United States,” said English. “We also assist with cultural transition, so they can adapt to life in the United States. This might include workshops on topics like winter driving and avoiding scams. We also deliver internationally themed programs on campus, to amplify our international students’ voices.”

The international student population contributes significantly to the diversity of the campus community. They bring a wealth of knowledge and unique experiences which enrich the learning experience for everyone at SNHU.