The fall semester is coming to a close and with it the fall sports season. Golf, women’s soccer, and field hockey are among the sports that have recently wrapped up their season.

Men’s golf freshman and winner of multiple NE10 Rookie of the Week awards, Sean Dully (’26), spoke on how his season went.

“Overall, the fall season was strong. We finished second in [the] NE10s. I’m looking forward to the spring when regionals take place,” said Dully.

The team finished seventh at Post Eagles Invitational at Watertown, Connecticut on October 10. Overall, the team had a score of 600, with Dully having a two-round score of 157.  The team also played on October 11, placing ninth with a score of 905. Dully finished off with a 238.

Dully went on to speak about what he and his team have to look forward to next season.

“Next year should be great. Hopefully, we can keep the good play going and the incoming freshman enjoys his first season,” said Dully.

Captain of the women’s soccer team, Alyssa McCarthy (’23), reflected on her final season with SNHU.

“As I captain, I thought it went well this year. Morgan, our other captain, and I really wanted to go into the season being able to bring our new team together and for that to reflect in our play on the field…There was not a linear path to get there, so it was a lot of brainstorming through our ups and downs that we were having on the field. We were constantly trying to think of new ways to get over our struggles, and even though it may not have [shown] in our record, we could definitely see improvements in other areas during our practices and off the field,” said McCarthy.

As a leader, McCarthy knew when her team needed to adjust to certain obstacles they were facing.

“This season, our team did okay. We definitely didn’t end up having the season we planned for, but we continued to push through and show up together as a team,” said McCarthy. “We did end up winning our final game of the regular season which allowed us to make it into the NE10 Tournament.”

The team played a total of seventeen games, winning six, losing six, and tying in four games.

While the team didn’t win as much as they had hoped, there were still moments that the team could celebrate.

“A standout moment for our team that happened this season was making it to the NCAA tournament,” said McCarthy. “We were not expecting it, so it was definitely a surprise the night of the selection show when we found out we were still in it. With this news, we were ready to just show up and play as hard as we could. Unfortunately, we lost, but it was nice to have one last game together to end our season.”

Multiple NE10 Rookie/Goalie of the Week winner of the field hockey team, Emma Peeters (’25), spoke on what the season meant to her.

“It feels kind of sad now that the season is over. Every week it was so fun to play with the team and I wish it could go on a little longer. But we also have had a long season, so I feel like everyone needs a little bit of rest,” said Peeters.

This season, the team played a total of 19 games, concluding with eleven losses and eight wins. The team was seeded last for the NE10 championship playoffs and lost in the first round, according to SNHU Penmen.

Peeters gave her thoughts on how she felt she performed this season on the field for her team.

“I think I had a pretty good season. It was my first year here at SNHU, so of course, there was a lot I had to get used to….But as the season was going on, we all knew what we needed from each other, and I knew how I could help my teammates. I enjoyed every game a lot, and I can’t wait for the next season to come,” said Peeters.

Like any sport, there are moments that stand out more than others. Peeters described one of those moments when she and her team felt something special.

“For me, the proudest moment was the last game of the season, the quarterfinal of the NE10 championship. Although we lost this game, we played very good and most importantly we played as a team,” said Peeters. “We made it so hard for one of the best teams [in] the conference, and we could have won that game. It was sad we lost and that it was the last game for some of my teammates, but I was very proud of the whole team.”

With the fall season ending, winter sports, such as basketball, ice hockey, and women’s indoor track and field, will be underway.