Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center. (Image courtesy: Cedric-Luamara Atlas)

The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center offers an accepting environment for students who feel lost on campus or who need a supportive place to be themselves. They embrace all students who need a safe space, no matter their identity or background.

“Our goal is to make sure people find a home on campus,” said Saran Ousseini (’23). “It’s a great space for people to come and hang out or socialize, or if they’re not comfortable socializing, they can just relax. It’s a free space for everyone to be comfortable without worrying about the outside world or feeling judged.”

Despite its name, the Women’s Center isn’t just open to women.

“When the center was first opened, it was more of a space for women to come and feel comfortable and safe. But obviously, we don’t want it to only be for women. We want it to be open to everyone,” said Kenz Curry (’25). “Anyone who identifies as a woman, even if you identify as a man, you can come in.”

Students looking to be more involved in the community or wanting to build lasting relationships can turn to the monthly events hosted by the Women’s Center and the Office of Diversity. Both offices are located in the Green Center.

“We usually have five events a month. We have movie nights, [and] we have community talks. This month we’re doing [an] ornament-making event,” said Curry. “We try to do as many events as possible to bring everyone together and familiarize everyone with the Women’s Center. A lot of people don’t know that we’re here, and we try to do as much as possible to make people feel welcome.”

The Women’s Center and Office of Diversity also run clubs for students to join. Some of the affinity groups open to new students are Mixed, Sisters of the Yam, Hola!, Fluid, M.B.M. Men’s Group, and a new group this year; Steminist.

“My favorite event was ‘Take Back the Night’ this year,” said Monica Robitalle (’25). “I’ve always wanted to go on a women’s march, it’s always been a goal in my life. We walked a lot, we chanted, [and] we had glow sticks. It was really fun and meaningful.”

Other events hosted by the Women’s Center also give a voice to everybody. Students can perform, pass messages, read poetry, talk about their personal life experiences, spread awareness, and share their story with the world.

The Women’s Center is located in the Green Center room 121A, with the doors always open to new faces and new beginnings.