The Commuter Lounge, located in the Student Center (Image courtesy: Emily Blais)

The SNHU community is in the midst of a new school year, once again bringing the campus back to life. Students reunite and regular hangouts on campus become lively again throughout the progression of the semester.

The one hangout space that commuter students can call theirs is the commuter lounge located in the Student Center: a place that many call a “hidden gem” on campus.

It offers commuters a quaint and welcoming environment during downtime on campus. From game tournaments to storytelling, the commuter lounge creates comradery and mutual respect between peers.

“The commuter lounge offers a fun, unique, and accepting space for any kind of commuter student at SNHU,” said Commuter Lounge Manager and SNHU alumni, Lucas Frazier (’22).

“What I enjoy most about the commuter lounge is the people. Everyone in the lounge knows one another. When you walk in, you are always walking into friends and familiar faces,” Frazier said.

Amenities offered in the lounge include a refrigerator, microwave, and Keurig. In addition, students can utilize the computers, TV, and Nintendo Switch during their visit. The commuter lounge also has giveaways such as lip balm, first-aid kits, and reusable water bottles.

Flecks of personality found in the commuter lounge are the bulletin board’s “Cheesy Quote of the Week” and wall decorations. However, it’s the people that make the commuter lounge what it is.

“The atmosphere is very chill. With each student who comes in, they add their own touch [of energy],” Frazier said.  “You never know what will be in store when you enter.”

Every semester, a week is dedicated to all commuters: Commuter Appreciation Week. Offerings throughout the week include massage sessions, deliveries from Mr. Macs and Puritan, and various art projects.

The commuter lounge also takes part in the annual door decorating contest hosted by SGA during the holiday season. Last year, the commuter lounge had the honor of winning in the category, “Adherence to Theme.”

“As manager, I have seen the commuter lounge grow into an amazing place on campus. All the people and activities make it a truly amazing place. I hope to make the lounge grow not only in people but [in] what it has to offer,” Frazier said.

For many, the commuter lounge is the place to be. It’s where students can work on homework, relax, and make memories.

“I hope that all the commuters of SNHU decide to come check it out and make some more amazing memories in the hidden gem that [is] the commuter lounge.”