(image credit: Hanover Street Chophouse)

Fine dining is not usually a staple of the college experience, but from time to time there is the need to have a fancy dinner. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, or even a graduation, the Hanover Street Chophouse is the place to go. As the name implies, it is located on Hanover Street in Manchester, approximately 15 minutes from SNHU’s main campus.

They offer incredible dishes of steak and fish cuts, along with a robust wine and whiskey menu. Their selection of the appetizers, sides, and main courses is relatively small, but what the menu lacks in quantity is made up for in quality.

Their bacon-wrapped sea scallops served with their house horseradish mustard is sublime. The maple bacon blending with the salty scallops and the kick of the horseradish mustard make for a wonderful start to the night. Other appetizers include the Colossal Crab Cocktail: crab served with avocado and fritonaise sauce; HSC Meatballs, served with a celery root puree, mushrooms, and grana padana; and Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, served with arugula, Worcestershire aioli, truffle, parmesan, and crostini.

Their main courses are the real show-stoppers. Most dishes offered are steak, ranging from prime New York sirloin to prime Delmonico. A selection of steak add-ons complete the meal, some of the best being the truffle butter and the bacon maple bourbon jam. The filet mignon with bacon maple jam has a perfect combination of flavors. It cuts like butter and is topped with the rich flavor of the jam. They also have some other house specialties ranging from swordfish steak to chicken parmesan.

To add to the meal selection, the Hanover Street Chophouse also has a variety of sides to go with the main course. These include roasted mushrooms, baked mac n’ cheese, hand-cut French fries and truffled tater tots.

The Hanover Street Chophouse also hosts an impressive collection of wines, whiskeys and cocktails. With a full wine cellar beneath the restaurant, there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from. However, the servers are happy to help. Their cocktails are not half bad as well. Their B’s Knees is sweet with a punch, and nobody can go wrong with a classic Old Fashioned.

Make no mistake, this is fine dining. A meal at the Chophouse will run a pretty penny, with their least expensive steak cut, an 8-ounce filet mignon, costing $42.00. However, when the time comes for an above-average meal for a celebration, the Hanover Street Chophouse is the place to go.