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ESports Arena Opening

The SNHU ESports Arena is open to the public. It opened on October 8, delayed due to COVID-19, but it is now in full swing hosting ESports matches. It is located in the Green Center. The arena is a community space on campus, made to support the Varsity ESports programs offered at SNHU as well as all other students on campus. Tim Fowler, Director

Hanover Street Chophouse: A Pricey But Incredible Meal

Fine dining is not usually a staple of the college experience, but from time to time there is the need to have a fancy dinner. Be it an anniversary, a birthday, or even a graduation, the Hanover Street Chophouse is the place to go. As the name implies, it is located on Hanover Street in Manchester, approximately 15 minutes from SNHU's main campus. They

Cross Campus Construction

All across the SNHU campus there is caution tape, fences and warning signs surrounding sites under construction. These sites include the SETA (School of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics) building, Penmen Stadium and the quad stairs on the green space. The work being done on each site varies in scope, but the stairs, most notably, have caused students to have to change their routes or

COVID Cases on Campus

The semester is in full swing, but with it have come several COVID cases. According to the SNHU COVID-19 Dashboard (locatable at snhu.edu/about-us/covid-19/dashboard), there is one student positive on campus. The Dashboard states that it is updated weekly and "serves as a way to offer transparency to the SNHU and surrounding communities." However, that information is from the testing period ending on September 30.

How to SNHU: Campus COVID Guidelines

The fall 2021 semester is approaching fast. Students are excited for the opportunity to return to campus for the first time in over a year and a half. Just as many are excited for their first time living on campus. However, with the rapid spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19, SNHU has released a statement about what precautions will need to be taken

How to SNHU: Combating Boredom on Campus

The fall 2021 semester is in full swing, and with it come new challenges for students. Not only must the first years adjust to campus life, but so too must the sophomores, juniors and seniors after a year of remote learning. While some never got to be on campus, the rest haven't been on campus in over a year. The return is exciting, however,

Barring the Catastrophic, SNHU Will Return to Campus in the Fall

"September." Said SNHU President Paul Leblanc, "I'm super confident we'll be back in September." While SNHU staff and faculty are working to ensure that students will be returning to campus in the fall, SNHU has yet to make a public announcement regarding the decision to return to campus. Despite this, President LeBlanc mentioned the previous statement in an interview on February 23. When asked
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Former SNHU Professor Charged with Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images and Prostitution

Former SNHU Professor Joshua Harwood, 36, was arrested Thursday, February 4, on two counts of manufacture child sexual abuse images, prostitution involving a child under 18, and possession of child sexual abuse images. Harwood was employed at Concord High School at the time of his arrest, but was on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Concord police department. The investigation began on December

Why SNHU Is Not Returning To Campus In The Spring

An official decision has been made, and according to an email sent by SNHU President Paul LeBlanc on October 30, SNHU will be continuing with mostly remote courses in the 2021 spring semester. This decision was the result of a student survey, sent out on October 13, with the goal to gain as much information as possible about student's thoughts on returning to campus.