Joe Biden speaks on WMUR’s Conversation with a Candidate. (image credit: WMUR)

Joe Biden is a man of details. During his Conversation with the Candidate interview with WMUR, he made that very clear; details are his selling point.

Conversation with the Candidate is an important interview conducted by WMUR. All of the current Democrats running for president have been to the local Manchester station and taken part in these town hall formatted conversations. Former Vice President Joe Biden was the last candidate to visit the station on Saturday, September 7.

During the interview, Biden discussed many hot button topics, such as the Second Amendment, climate change and criminal justice reform. Biden spent a long time talking about the latter. His plans are extensive and seem like a brighter alternative than what other candidates, like Senator Kamala Harris, are proposing. Biden also discussed civility, and briefly attacked current President Donald Trump, specifically on the lack of bipartisan efforts and dangerous comments coming from the White House. Biden voiced his concerns over the comments made by President Trump during the protests in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017. He mentioned Heather Heyer, a young woman killed by an alt-right protester, and what Trump’s comments meant to him.

Biden also spent some time discussing more personal matters, like the loss of his wife and daughter in 1972 and son in 2015. Candidly, he spoke about his experiences with loss, grief, and finding hope, which led him easily into his future healthcare plans. He thoroughly explained how his healthcare act will equate mental health with physical health and will reduce the stigma around it as well.

Throughout this town hall-style interview, Biden was compassionate, attentive, and deeply focused on each person in the room. It’s clear, to me at least, that this candidate is different than others in a very obvious way; he connects to Americans on a deeper level than other candidates.

When I had the chance to speak to him one on one, we spoke about the more complex issues of his criminal justice reform plans. For example, we discussed the problems incarcerated transgendered people face in the prison system. He made it clear that his main focus on this issue is protection and safety for those individuals. He also mentioned the recent murder of Bee Love Slater, a black trans woman recently burned to death in southern Florida. We discussed the epidemic of the violent killings of trans women in America further, and he was consistently mentioning the facts and statistics that regard these matters.

His attention to detail is what makes him a formidable candidate in this election, whether he’s talking about policy, hot button topics, or uncommon issues Americans face. Unlike his counterparts, Biden has an impressive political past within the Senate and the White House, and Democrats know this.

Biden goes beyond his past by making each American feel like their voices are heard and that he cares. Yes, other candidates do this, but not like Biden. Biden will hold your hand and encourage you if you’re nervous asking your question. He’ll look deep into your eyes and make you feel that you’re supported no matter what.

Although all of this makes him a strong candidate, I’m not sure it will lead him to the top. This democratic primary will be fierce, and the presidential election even fiercer. At this point, Biden’s plans need to match his empathy with everyday Americans, and it doesn’t seem like it will.

Nevertheless, Biden’s got the vibe of a cool grandpa, which is great to an extent. Biden needs to prove to Democrats that he’s not just charming, but he’s also capable of leading the country in a very tumultuous time.