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A simple Google search for “PBGZ” brings up a plethora of results, including Instagram handles, Twitter hashtags and goofy derogative videos. Yet, leading the slew of results is a fresh, progressive fashion line owned by a SNHU student.

Damon Dubose Jr. is a 19-year-old freshman from Dorchester, Massachusetts. He established PBGZ Clothing in 2017 when he was just a high school student to delve into his passion for style and clothing. The brand was inspired by his upbringing in the inner city and his desire to challenge others to find their passions and turn them into a way of life.

Dubose Jr. is the sole designer of PBGZ Clothing, but he gains inspiration from other designers, as well as art, music and culture. As of March 2019, Dubose Jr. has created nine T-shirt designs. He also sells denim jackets, but they are not currently available on his website.

His most popular design is the Acid Drip Purple Long Sleeve. This bright purple crew-neck embeds PBGZ’s logo in funky white print atop a light purple acid drip that resembles a paint splatter. It sells for $30.

His other designs include the Acid Drip Olive Crop Top, the Acid Drip Atomic Red T-shirt and the PBGZ OG Black Bleached T-shirt, but they are currently out of stock. All these designs, much like the Acid Drip Purple Long Sleeve, express bold and colorful elements.

PBGZ’s shirt designs are specialty made using screen printing, while the denim jackets are hand stressed and embroidered. Each design is gender neutral and available in sizes ranging from small to XXL.

Each design has seen great success. He has sold out of most shirts and has seen many SNHU students promoting his gear around campus. He advertises his company to students through social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as through his newly furnished professional website.

College students are Dubose Jr.’s primary target audience. This is because college students are the next generation, or “Generation Z.” Pew Research defines Generation Z as anyone born between 1997 and 2012, and today’s college students are a major demographic of that population.

PBGZ stands for “Progression by Generation Z.” Dubose Jr.’s mission is to enforce progression to Generation Z while providing an outlet for them to express themselves.

“Generation Z needs to be heard,” said Dubose Jr. “The real meaning behind my career is to have Generation Z find a voice and passion for themselves. We’re not built for the regular 9-5 jobs.”

Generation Z differs from previous generations, including Millennials. Generation Z wants to co-create culture, is technologically savvy and eager to push the status quo.

Dubose Jr. is the epitome of Generation Z.

He followed his dreams of becoming a fashion designer and is using his company as an outlet for other members of Generation Z to find their voices.

“My clothing style pushes the limits of the status quo,” he said. “It holds a deeper meaning and speaks to everyone. Each design carries some type of message that can be applied to anyone, no matter the generation.”

But Generation Z is at the heart of PBGZ.

“We’re the change, and that’s what I’m trying to promote: Progression,” he said. “Everybody can have an impact on the world, so why not my generation when we have the technology and tools to do it? We can take our own passions and inspire others.”

Dubose Jr. has big plans coming up for his company. Not only will he be putting forth new designs, he will also be at the SNHU Fashion Show at SNHUStock on March 23.

“I got a lot coming up for the brand, including things I want to make. I got a lot of stuff to show. It’s still in the works, but big things are coming soon.”

In the meantime, check out some of Dubose Jr.’s designs by going to or search “PBGZ” in Google. You will be amazed by what an inspired 19-year-old can create.

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