Munchiez Food Truck. (image credit: Ryan Evaul)

Following tonight’s SNHUstock concert, featuring EDM DJ Group GrooveBoston, Munchiez Food Truck will offer students free food from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the Belknap parking lot. In collaboration with the Student Government Association (SGA), Munchiez will give students two free items from its menu and a free drink of their choice.

Students will also be able to earn three Penmen Pride points at Munchiez in addition to the three points they will receive for attending SNHUstock, for a total of six Penmen Pride points.

When asked about preparations for tonight’s event Quinn Kimball the Manager of Operations Department for the Munchiez class said, “We’ve ordered all the necessary food…have everyone who is working fully trained and ready, and some extra hands are on deck in case it’s an extreme showing.”

Both Munchiez and SGA want to create a safe and fun atmosphere for those leaving the concert.

In support of their new slogan, “There for you,” SGA wanted to bring its elections to SNHU students. SGA will have a table set up next to the Munchiez truck for anyone interested in learning more about the organization. Students considering becoming a senator for SGA can pick up a signature sheet at the SGA table.

There will also be a suggestion box at its table for students to write down what they want from SGA and for their community.

“Anything that students have a concern for, we want to be able to address [it],” said Ryan Evaul (’19), SGA Executive Officer.

“We’re really trying to bring the attention back to serving the students that we represent,” he continued.

Munchiez staff is excited for tonight’s collaboration with SGA after SNHUstock. Munchiez Marketing Team Member, Sammy Fraser, encourages students to stop by the truck to grab some delicious free food and support both campus communities.

“Definitely come on by and grab some free food and vote in SGA’s upcoming election! We’re excited to see all the great work out in by CAPE with SNHUstock and again thankful for SGA for sponsoring the event,” said Fraser.

SGA plans to partner with Munchiez again in the near future for its elections on April 3 and 4 to promote participation on voting ballots.