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It is not unusual to walk past the Last Chapter Pub and be lured in by a performance taking place on the stage. RadioSNHU will be giving students the opportunity to take that stage by hosting their first Open Mic Night on October 20 at 8 p.m.

Open Mic Nights are popular events that take place in coffee shops and restaurants around the country. Music lovers, comedians and poets can often be found nodding their heads along to a tune, laughing at a joke or intently pondering the words being read off a page. The general goal of an Open Mic is to allow audience members to take the stage and share their talents with their peers. This is what RadioSNHU is hoping to accomplish, according to President Harry Ames (‘20).

“We want to encourage student artists and performers to seek out events like this and perform and bring their talents to light,” said Ames.

Promotions Director Joseph Licciardello (‘20) gave an idea of what students could expect to see at the event. He explained that there will likely be poets, solo artists or bands on stage for most of the night, but he encourages everyone to join in on the fun.

“Everyone is welcome to perform,” said Licciardello.

An old club called SAGE, which is now inactive, were the original innovators of this event on campus. According to Ames, RadioSNHU missed the original open mics and wanted to try to start the event back up again. Licciardello added that they hope to continue holding this event once a semester along with their signature event, “Name That Tune.”

Performers should bring any extra equipment they may need, such as amps or musical instruments as well as their willingness to share their talent with their peers.

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