Fukuoka is one newer study abroad option (image credit: Tour Japan)

Japan offers an inspirational experience for students to study abroad in the city of Fukuoka. According to SNHU Study Abroad, “Seinan Gakuin University (SGU) is one of the top comprehensive universities in Fukuoka, Japan.” This university is unique to the study abroad program as it teaches five courses in English.

In 2016, Monocle, a London-based magazine, ranked the city as the 7th most livable place as well as the 14th best city in the world. Part of the reason it’s been ranked as such is due to the city’s incredible safety. It’s also known for its location. Students have become situated in a city that is only a ten minute walk from the beach. Many citizens also bike. This provides an easily available method of transportation for students.

In addition, there are shopping malls unlike are any in the United States. The massive mall, Canal City, houses a canal that runs through it and often displays various water shows. These shows offer unique themes, such as the Dragon Ball Z one currently taking place, that allows for shoppers to always be entertained. Students can engage in new fashion and become further immersed in the unique culture of Japan.

Throughout courses students can expect to endure classes that engage them further in the culture through activities such as reading manga and even watching anime. Courses such as the Traditional Culture of Japan have students learn how to write Japanese calligraphy. In addition, students can become exposed to the art of Judo through “Traditional Sports of Japan.” Many of the professors are informative, while still working to keep their classes fun and engaging.

While there is a time difference of 13 hours that may create difficulties and homesickness, the experience overall is one of a lifetime. The program at Seinan additionally arranges trips to nearby cities, such as Kyoto, so that students gain even more exposure to their surroundings. They work to make sure that students have an easy transition and can become well-adjusted to all that is happening around them as they embark on this journey.

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