Women’s center is ready for a successful Take Back the Night

The Deborah L. Coffin Women’s Center held its ninth annual Take Back the Night just a few weeks ago, but it was seen with many challenges including the canceling of the march around campus. It left many to wonder if a march will take place at all, but the Women’s Center is already planning an entire other night dedicated to the fight against sexual assault.

On October 20, part two of Take Back the Night will take place. The Women’s Center is working with other organizations around campus to come together and show support for those who have experienced sexual assault and to show it will not be tolerated on this campus.

The night will be block party style on the Green Space with lawn games, food, s’mores and speakers during the event. Students will also be able to make signs before the march, which will occur later in the night. The night is meant to both educate and inform students on how to be an ally, along with supporting both female and male sexual assault survivors.

Kristin Morrison, (’19) a student staff member from the Women’s Center, is an important contributor in planning the night. When asked what she hopes people take away from the event, Morrison said, “that we believe you when it comes to speaking your truth on sexual assault and we are there to show support”.

This is a night for people who want to learn and want to join the fight against sexual assault. It would seem some were forced to be in attendance during the other Take Back The Night event that took place a few weeks ago. Not everyone was respectful of the meaning behind the event like they should have been. Morrison stated, “We do not want people to show up if they do not care about the event and do not care about sexual assault survivors”.

That being said, Morrison and the other staff members from the Women’s Center hope students and faculty decide to show support and attend the event on October 20. Wear your Take Back the Night shirts, bring your glow sticks and exhibit a positive attitude. It will be a night of fun while also adhering to its informative and supportive nature. The Green Space will become a safe space for open dialogue about sexual assault on college campuses.

Hope to see you there!

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