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As we watch Congress bicker over the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s election into office, we should really be focusing on voting in the September primaries. Granted, U.S. citizens should be voting in every election; however, with allegations of corruption mounting, voting will determine President Trump’s future.

The latest accusation against President Trump, more specifically the president’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is campaign finance violations. Although Donald Trump has been working on a platform of ridding the government of corruption, which he calls “draining the swamp,” democrats claim that he is contributing to “the swamp.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ruthlessly condemned the president’s Cabinet calling it “foul” and “fetid.” While Democrats dig for more evidence to impeach the president, Trump himself has been rallying his troops.

At his rally last Thursday, which took place in Billing, Montana, Trump warned the crowd about influence from the left. “If Democrats get back into power, they will try to reverse all of our incredible gains. Gains like nobody thought possible,” said Trump. To make his point even greater Trump continued to say, “If I get impeached, it’s your fault.” Maybe not the most tactful way to gain votes, but Mr. Trump isn’t wrong.

Prospective Democratic congressmen and congresswomen are claiming they will take down President Trump if elected. Democrat Maura Sullivan, who is representing New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, hopes to win a seat in the House with her promise that she will “take on Donald Trump.” Chris Pappas, another runner for the 1st District, also promises to “push back against the president.” With many more candidates around the country vying for the opportunity to take him out, President Trump needs every Republican vote he can get.

For those in New Hampshire who do not want to see Mr. Trump get impeached, they need only look and vote for those under the red banner. 1st Congressional District candidate Andy Martin has told WMUR that he will put great effort into backing Donald Trump’s agenda. When asked by WMUR, “Why do you want to be a member of Congress,” Robert Burns, Republican runner for the 2nd District, replied, “To support Donald Trump’s successful agenda in Congress.” Theoretically, there is still potential for President Trump to gain support from the Granite State. Unfortunately, that potential is very slim.

Since 2008, New Hampshire has been voting blue. The University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Research Center found that most eligible voters in the state are younger people and migrants, both of whom tend to be more liberal. The long established New Hampshirites, who tend to be conservative, are quickly dying off.

Though these findings may be discouraging for those who are Republicans, they have not discouraged a conservative such as myself from supporting my President through the voting process. Conversely, these findings should not encourage inactivity from Democrats. After all, Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by only 0.4%. Please go out and fulfill your duty as an American citizen. You should be the one to determine the President’s fate.

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