SNHU is proud to announce their new partnership with Dunkin Donuts. (image credit: Emma Sheehan)

When students return to the SNHU Manchester campus for the Fall 2018 semester, one of the many changes they’ll see will be even more noticeable than new dorms and arches. They’ll also see a familiar favorite food spot, with a new twist. SNHU will replace the current campus Starbucks coffee spots as part of the recently announced business and hospitality partnership with Dunkin’ Brands, parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts.

New “Dunkin’ SNHUnuts” coffee kiosks will be located in the Student Center, Academic Center building, Penmen Stadium and in the lobbies of Monadnock and Kingston Halls. The new CETA building plans include a Dunkin’ SNHUnuts test kitchen where engineering students can build their own donuts.

Larkin Field will be renamed Dunkin’ Field, with new turf in the original Dunkin’ Brands colors, while the Library’s Dunkin’ SNHUnuts will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily to satisfy hungry students getting an early start.

Each location will serve traditional “Dunk’s” menu favorites, with new Southern New Hampshire University-themed names. Munchkins, the tasty treats made from dough punched out for doughnut holes, will now be called LeBlancs, in the usual chocolate, jelly and glazed varieties. There will also be a larger one with white frosting on the top.

For coffee, there will be all the popular flavors along with a new iced coffee called SNHUbrew and a new Peppermint Patty Lynott hot chocolate. Penmen Press food critic Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci says, “the new coffees pair up nice with pastry treats including the Lemon Megan Sage cookies, Matt Montminy mocha muffins, Eddie Samwiches and Harwood ham and eggs wake-up wraps.”

Even the Munchiez food truck will feature an extra-caffeinated version of coffee called Perky Petey.

“People were tired of the pretentious, corporate face of Starbucks,” said Munchiez Advisor and Professor Feed, Lou LoSloppio. “They wanted an authentic, local brand, and our new partnership with Dunkin’ Brands allowed the creation of Dunkin’ SNHUnuts.”

Each Dunkin’ SNHUnuts location will also feature comfortable seating that isn’t broken, Wi-Fi and Radio SNHU played over new sound systems. Penmen Cash will be accepted.

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