Lady Madam Buttered Croissant haunts Monadnock’s common rooms. (image credit: Thomas Cahalan/Emma Sheehan)

While we are all told when we are young that ghosts and the supernatural do not exist, there have always been skeptics that have been believers in ghosts and the supernatural.

Most people often believe that the haunted buildings on campus would be the older buildings such as the lower suites due to age and their more decrepit state.

However, there are reports of there being a ghost in Monadnock Hall. It is widely believed that the site that the residence hall was built on is the burial site of the French-Canadian noblewoman Lady Madam Buttered Croissant.

According to Manchester historian PB Andjay, “It is widely believed that the site of the new apartment building was once where the estate of Lady Croissant had burned the house of her abusive family who had tried to commit her to an institution for rejecting an arranged marriage. It is widely believed that she had been buried at the site where the house once stood.”

To add on to the historical context, it is well-known among people that when you build something upon a grave site, you disrupt the resting soul and they often come back to haunt people on the site, similar to how a college student will be mad you when you wake them up before 10 a.m.

In addition, student Rice Pilaf had said, “I’ve been hearing strange noises before I go to bed at night. The motion sensor lights go on and off when people aren’t moving. It’s getting scary to stay in my own apartment.”

Other students report sometimes hearing the famous line, “Hold up, I coulda dropped my croissant,” uttered in a ghostly and haunting voice from time to time.

Other students, such as Residence Director Nat Chocheese, had a plan of action when it came to handling a haunting. “We have heard about the rumors and even I have heard the voice of the ghost, I encourage all of my residents to remain calm and promote a peaceful atmosphere to ensure the spirit that we mean no harm and wish for them to go.”

While some students may have patience, other students, such as resident Ouija Board, are considering resolutions. “A few of my friends and I have had enough of this ghost haunting our apartment building and believe that just letting the spirit sit there does nothing but scare people and disrupt their sleep patterns. To remedy this a few friends and I are planning a séance to speak to the ghost and essentially throw her out.”

Clearly, there are many different ways to handle it, but either way the ghost is there and stays on campus for free.


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