There is a real problem on SNHU’s campus: a staple problem. It has come to my attention that there is a startling lack of staples in printing labs across campus, and it is causing strife within the paper-writing community.

We are now entering midterm season, and with it, students are required to write papers for the majority of their classes. The places to print across campus are amazing and convenient, but they are constantly missing something that is crucial to their function. Staples.

There are many stories of students printing out essays, and, after taking the hot paper from the printer, they discover that either the stapler is devoid of staples or the stapler is broken. This causes much distress to the student, especially those who are in a rush.

Waiting until the last minute to print (and write) a paper is a time-honored tradition among college students. The frantic scrambling to compile research and the inability to edit the following word vomit is bound to happen to everyone at some point.

I have experienced this difficulty on multiple occasions. Luckily, I am someone who tends to print my papers early to avoid being caught off guard in such a crisis.

I had an assignment due, and I decided to print it out in the printing room in Robert Frost. The three-page paper printed perfectly, but when I went to staple it nothing happened. I tried to see if the automatic stapler was unplugged, it was not. I tried to see if there was a manual stapler somewhere else in the room, there was not. I then tried searching the rest of the building for a solution.

I found it in the student center. It took me about ten minutes to locate the nearest stapler. It took another five to find staples.

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