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This article was originally posted in the SNHU Observer (Volume XVI, Issue 3) on November 19, 2008:

Penmen Cash was recently enhanced at Southern New Hampshire University, as of October 27th. Penmen Cash is an account, much like a debit card, that is linked to SNHU student’s school ID cards.

In previous years, Penmen Cash could only be used on campus; however, with this recent enhancement, it now has both on as well as off-campus abilities.

In addition to being used on campus at the cafeteria and Bookstore, Penmen Cash has broadened its reach to local off-campus merchants such as Bull Run Beef, CVS, Papa John’s, and others.

According to Adam Emerson, Off Campus Solutions Account Manager, “the account is all about convenience.” He elaborated by describing that instead of carrying a bunch of cards or cash, a student or faculty member can simply carry one card that has functionality both on and off campus.

SNHU partnered with the Office of the Bursar, Sodexo Dining Services, and Off-Campus Solutions in order to bring this new enhancement to the SNHU community. When asked whether more merchants were being added to the current six off-campus merchants already available, Emerson stated “absolutely… we want to give a bit of variety [and hope to] have 12-15 off-campus merchants by next semester.”

Penmen Cash accounts are available to all SNHU ID card holders. In order to sign up, add funds, or to find out more information visit the dining office in the cafeteria, call 1-800-345-6126, or got to www.PenmenCash.com.

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