Bootcut jeans have been the bane of every fashionista’s existence for many years due to their unattractiveness and limited wearing options. Their original purpose, however, was to be worn over cowboy boots, so a cowboy could comfortably fit their pants over their boots.

Later, in the 1960’s and 70’s the bootcut jean had transformed into Bell Bottoms in order to fit more cohesively with the flower power movement of the 1960’s counterculture. By the 1990’s the JNCO (Judge None, Choose One), a jean that was an exaggerated version of the bootcut jean had come out and taken media by storm.

The popular wide leg jean, however, did not remain in style for too long, as regular bootcut jeans became a major part of the low-rise denim trend of the early 2000’s. Currently, bootcut jeans are essentially out of style in favor of skinny jeans and tighter-legged denim.

I consider myself a rather fashion-forward and trendy person. I even get compliments on my outfits on a regular basis. One object you can never expect to see in my wardrobe is bootcut jeans (along with a myriad of other unattractive pieces of clothing). My personal style, while subjective, has proven to be successful for me, has been inspired by many fashion vloggers and has not met negative criticism.

My major issue with bootcut jeans is that they fail to do their very job as they are impossible to wear with boots. The sad part is that it would be funny and ironic if it just wasn’t so infuriating. If I am wearing a pair of boots, I would not be going out to hide them the way that the bootcut jeans do.

I also find myself at a loss when it comes to different ways to wear said jeans. With skinny jeans, you have a variety of options going from a stacked look, to cuffing and just wearing as is. With bootcut jeans, there is only one unattractive and boring way to wear those monstrosities.

The fit of the bootcut jean does not help the situation. Bootcut jeans are known for their loose ankle, and if they go past one’s feet as they look terrible if you try to cuff them.

Clearly, the bootcut jean is so unattractive and ill-fitting that even your dad should not wear them.


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