(image credit: Jawn Rocha)

Originating in Houston, Texas, up and coming trio Waterparks are back on their newest album, appropriately titled “Entertainment.” The band’s sophomore LP solidifies their unique brand of electronica-driven pop punk and proves the band is here to stay.

Following the musical path set out by the band’s 2016 debut “Double Dare,” this album does not differ much in general sound, but does seem more mature. Produced in part by Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, “Entertainment” offers 10 songs that recall the fun and upbeat sounds of bands like All Time Low and The Summer Set.

“Entertainment” mainly tells the ins and outs of luck and love. This is immediately present in the album’s opening track “11:11” – “I must’ve caught you from 11:11 / My lucky number 7.”

It’s not all sweet and happy though. “Blonde” tells the struggles of touring, “We Need To Talk” describes a failing relationship. The lyrical rawness throughout the album signals the maturation of the band as a whole.

One exceptional part of Waterparks’ music is their stellar use of electronic effects. An especially well-done example is in the autotune-heavy “Crybaby,” a deep cut from the album. Instead of compensating for vocal ability, the effect gives lead singer Awsten Knight’s voice an almost haunting emotional quality.

What really sets “Entertainment” apart is each song’s unique flair ­– no two really sound the same.

“Tantrum” shows more of an edge, “Lucky People” is totally acoustic. Some songs are slower

(“Crybaby” and “We Need To Talk”), some are upbeat and danceable (“Blonde”), and some are just super catchy (“Peach (Lobotomy),” “Not Warriors”). The album has a good variety in pace, but is still sonically similar enough to be a unit.

At its heart, “Entertainment” is just fun. Running at a total of 33 minutes, the album leaves no space for filler, and is a quick, easy listen for those looking for new music.

While it is a major improvement from their first album, there is still room for the group to grow. “Entertainment” will definitely entertain you, but will leave you craving more.

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