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Well, the anticipated moment is finally in sight. This anticipated moment is one that can only be achieved through passing the gauntlet known as fall semester. 

For those that don’t have the best interpretation skills or were too lazy to read the title, the anticipated moment is the one and only Winter Break. Make sure to put special emphasis on the break. Whatever the major, everyone at SNHU has earned a decently long break. 

I don’t know about you, but this semester certainly required a certain amount of will power derived from the heavens above. After all, academics aren’t the only challenges one can expect to face during the fall semester. That’s not to diminish the importance of academics, but as a person with a great deal of wisdom once said, life can get in the way with its ups and downs. 

In a way, this semester gave me a great deal of personal growth. Going into this semester, I was living in an apartment style situation with three other people, which I assumed would be something up my alley; however, I realized an essential aspect of my personality: I need space. 

Living with other people can be great and some people love it. Others like myself come to discover that it’s suffocating at best. Granted, I’m far from perfect and come with my own set of quirks, but at least I remember to flush.  

Usually I prefer to suck it up and tough things out. That wouldn’t be the case this time. Some other individuals in my position may have chosen to call it a lost cause and to keep forcing themselves to delight in living a painful lie. 

For my case, I was curious to roll the dice and see if lady luck would be kind of enough to give me a boon. Thankfully, she took pity on me and let me have a single that does indeed feel like a home away from home. Privacy in my own space is a value that’s next to impossible for me to compromise on, for better or worse. 

While one can easily drown in the black abyss of bitterness and let hatred dominate the soul, that’s not the ideal way to come to terms with this necessary life lesson. Instead, I accepted the fact that even though I have no desire to bow down like a dutiful dog and be friends with this person, I can at least swallow my pride, forgive, and let go.  

Challenges aside, there can also be a great deal of positives leading up to winter break like realizing how home wasn’t as bad as your adolescent self might’ve thought it was, rediscovering an old passion that leads to a change in major that corresponds to that passion, and being thankful for the few close friends you have in life, while everybody else just has a superficial clique.  

All in all, it’s time for a vacation. Let’s hope everyone has a great holiday and a fantastic vacation. Until next semester, Penmen! 

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