With the holidays rolling in, there is so much to be excited about. There is the excitement of the first snowfall, decorating the house for the holidays, sipping hot chocolate, gift giving, and of course, spending time with loved ones. However there is one thing that ruins all this fun: that stupid red cup.  

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so people are complaining about the phrase “Merry Christmas” being printed on their beloved coffee cup. Because of this, people also began to complain about the Christmas trees and other related symbols printed on the cup. So Starbucks decided to remove its typical design to prevent people from taking offense and, instead, made their cup plain red.

In doing so, Starbucks has started a war on Christmas. Over a cup. A cup, folks. A cup that you throw out or recycle. Why is this such a big deal?  

What happened to the days when someone said “Merry Christmas,” and simple thank you was stated instead of making a big fuss over a small phrase? I’ve even heard people get offended over someone wishing their customers “Happy Holidays.” Now, we are a nation that gets offended over well wishes? Seriously?  

Let’s all get upset over a red cup even though there are more pressing matters going on. Let’s forget that there is a heroin epidemic in New Hampshire, or that we, as a nation, have horrible mental health care.

Let’s ignore the fact that there are homeless veterans that will suffer through a brutally cold winter, or that there are homeless families starving. We can discount the countless children dying in Third World countries due to poverty, disease, and malnourishment.  

No need to think about the fact that there is a group of terrorists taking down planes and killing journalists. We obviously must forget that in one day there was a terrorist attack in Paris, an earthquake in Japan, a funeral bombing in Baghdad, a suicide bombing in Beirut, and an earthquake in Mexico and, that in 24 hours, we have lost 115,200 people.

So please, let’s bury our heads in the sand and focus on that red cup, because that is what is really important.

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