The Red Cup is Crap

With the holidays rolling in, there is so much to be excited about. There is the excitement of the first snowfall, decorating the house for the holidays, sipping hot chocolate, gift giving, and of course, spending time with loved ones. However there is one thing that ruins all this fun: that stupid red cup.   Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so people are complaining about
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“The Night Before”: Comedic Christmas Lessons

“The Night Before” is the seventh film by director Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies,” “50/50”). Released on Nov. 20, “The Night Before” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Looper”), Seth Rogen (“The Interview”), and Anthony Mackie (“The Hurt Locker”). The film centers around three best friends: Ethan, Isaac, and Chris (GordonLevitt, Rogen, and Mackie), as they embark on their final installation of a longstanding Christmas Eve tradition. After

Birthday Bah-Humbug

Though I often receive condolences from friends that discover I have a birthday that falls exactly a week before Christmas Eve, I’ve never felt particularly cursed by the day of my birth. In all honesty, I always thought that having a birthday so close to Christmas was a blessing in disguise. It’s a commonly known fact that as a child, the worst part of

Home for the Holidays

While most college students enjoy the holidays because they get to go home and open gifts galore instead of going to class and doing homework, it’s one of my most dreaded times. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy getting time off from school to go home and see my amazing little brother and sister, all the while not feeling guilty about the horrific amount

The Christmas Carol Creeps

It begins anew every year at Thanksgiving. The second we cut the turkey it can be heard creeping over the horizon. It slithers through the radio, it assaults our ears at the store, and even follows us into the bathroom. I am speaking, of course, about Christmas music. Before the first day of December, Christmas music arrives once again to overstay its welcome. It’s

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza

On Friday, Dec. 4 from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. in the Pub, the Office of Diversity Initiatives is hosting an Ugly Sweater Extravaganza. Students can join the festivities by participating in raffles and karaoke. They can also enjoy winter-themed refreshments such as eggnog, hot chocolate, and other treats. There will also be an ugly sweater contest so students should make sure to don