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In no uncertain terms, pizza is essential to any college student’s survival. Students’ options for a late night bite have now been cut in half, as Domino’s has made the decision to cease delivery to SNHU’s campus. This decision was made effective on the 24th of last month.

“Dominos was that booty call at 2 a.m. Not always your first choice, but it’s always there, and it always delivered. Now that booty call has transferred or even worse dropped out,” said senior Mike Largenton.

“Many years ago, we didn’t deliver to the college,” said Carl Vaillencourt, manager of the Lowell Street Domino’s location. “We expanded our delivery area back when our sales were very low. Through the years, our sales have increased so much that we just can’t handle going out there just because it’s so far away… We lose drivers for 45 minutes at a time, and it’s just impossible to deliver to all of our customers.”

Alissa Butt, a senior and delivery regular does not anticipate ordering pizza for takeout from Domino’s. “In my opinion, they just lost a lot of business… I probably won’t get pizza as often because I don’t like Pizza 9-1-1 as much”

Even those who did not claim to be such frequent consumers expressed a concern regarding this decision for Domino’s sales. Senior Nick Urban said, “Not a huge Domino’s guy, but them deciding not to deliver to SNHU anymore is a huge business mistake. They are missing out on thousands of dollars worth of deliveries every weekend.”

It is not only weekends, however, that have been cited as the primary source of patronage for Domino’s. Nicole Noons, Monadnock Residence Director, shared that Domino’s has been a staple for the Office of Residence Life for the past few years.

“Residence Life spends a lot of money on programming, and we spend a lot of money on Domino’s in particular,” Noons said. “[Domino’s] has always had such great customer service, as well as multi-pizza, drink and dessert deals.”

While students and faculty on Southern New Hampshire University’s campus may feel as though they are suffering a loss, Pizza 9-1-1 is gearing up for an increase in orders.

“It is a challenge at times [to keep up with the volume of orders]… but we’ve been doing it now since we opened and it’s been a great part of our weekend and late-night business,” said John Roy, owner of Pizza 9-1-1. “We do a lot with SNHU, we are one of the athletic sponsors. We appreciate having SNHU up the road for us because it has been tremendously valuable to our business.”

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