The classrooms at FUA are diverse – and sometimes even exist outside of the university, in the city. (image credit: Emily Monteforte)

I have always wanted to go to a school in the city, but, going into my freshmen year, I decided to attend SNHU. Going to a school with a campus, great facilities, food and the opportunity to study abroad was important to me, so that’s why I chose SNHU.

Luckily, for anyone interested in studying abroad in Florence, the school that students attend is Florence University of the Arts (FUA). Here, I get the best of both worlds by attending SNHU while also having the opportunity to attend a school that is in a city. I am so lucky that I have had the opportunity to go abroad and study at FUA; it is a great university!

The faculty members at the school and the professors are very friendly. They help with settling into the city and adjusting, as well as making the most out of every experience. If a student needs help with getting a new I.D., booking a taxi, finding the best gelato on the street or dealing with homesickness, the faculty members are there to help! They are a great resource and make everything much easier.

The classrooms are not your typical chair-with-an-attached-desk and a whiteboard. Some classes are in a glass room, a kitchen, a room covered with murals and pink couches or even just the city.

FUA offers classes that meet twice a week. Monday’s lecture may be held in a classroom, learning about materials, while Wednesday’s class is spent walking around the city, viewing and experiencing what was taught in the previous lecture.

Having a class where the objective is to talk to locals, try some cheese, take a bike ride through a park or cook pasta makes it easier not to skip a class.

FUA offers a lot of excursions where students can go on day or weekend trip out of the city. Some of the trips have been to Cinque Terra, Rome and to the Opera. This is a great way to travel safely, meet students from other universities and to learn hands-on.

There is even a bakery and a restaurant on campus which is student-run. They offer everything from cappuccinos to croissants and pasta dishes. They are absolutely amazing and totally worth a try! Most of the students working here are in the culinary program and work for credits.

FUA is a great university where I have had the privilege to study for the past few months. Being able to explore the city, learn and eat amazing foods has made my education experience more diverse and unique. I can’t wait to go home in a few weeks and say I lived and studied in Italy for four months.

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