(image credit: Nick Klotz)

Gunshots could be heard from campus on the morning of September 21.

Public Safety’s Captain Roger St. Onge confirmed that these sounds were a result of a routine firearms training conducted at the Hooksett Police Department’s facility near the Merrimack River.

The Hooksett Police Department confirmed that Manchester SWAT was using their facility.

St. Onge stated that these events are “year-round occurrences” and that, due to the weather and the wind, “the sounds seemed louder than usual” and were amplified enough to be heard on campus.

St. Onge concluded by stating that an email was not sent to the SNHU community due to the routine nature of the trainings, while assuring the SNHU Community of the safety on campus.

Ashley Tejada, senior, expressed her concern about hearing the shots early in the morning. “I was confused because the rounds sounded too close compared to where the shooting ranges are,” Tejada said. “I would like an email stating that students might hear gunshots and that they shouldn’t be worried.”

Students discussed the way that race, veteran status, as well as other social and emotional backgrounds could influence the way these shots were interpreted.

Senior Amy Mercedes spoke about how she believed student concerns could be mediated in the future. “I’m alarmed that there wasn’t an email sent out to the student body or faculty about this event, even after Public Safety received calls from concerned students. I think the goal should always be transparency.”

According to Hooksett Police there will be two more firearms trainings in the near future on Oct. 3-4.

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