SNHU Last Chapter Pub (image credit: Business NH)

So a bunch of new students are joining the SNHU community this year and this means more friends all around! These students need a place to call their own, and I’d highly recommend they consider our Last Chapter Pub. The Pub is one of the main hubs of life and events on SNHU’s campus. The people that work there are the same people that we all attend class with. With the Pub there’s always something going on even if it’s something as small as pool tournament. The Pub puts on a ton of events all throughout the year, from live music and comedians to television watch parties. You can find just about anything.

This past semester a Fortnite tournament was put hosted in the Pub that drew a pretty decent crowd. Moreover the Pub serves different snacks and drinks that are available to everyone for free. Events in the Pub usually are held on Thursdays and everyone is welcome to attend.

As a Pub veteran I can say that to all the incoming students you’ll like the pub and if you happen to blow through all of your meal plan, you’ll definitely rely on the pub for the sake of snacks and drinks. This was the case for me both my freshman and sophomore year. Outside of events the pub is just a big chill spot for if you’re bored or if you want to work on homework or just talk with friends. The lights are never too harsh and the tables are big enough to gather around for a board game, with the option of cozy booths.

You’ll meet tons of people and make plenty connections in the Pub for sure. For the soccer fans out there The Pub always puts the soccer games on when they’re aired so grab your friends and root for your favorite teams. To the football fans out there the Pub definitely makes it their duty to put on any football game, but moreover any football game with the New England Patriots playing. The same can be said for basketball and the Boston Celtics.

Honestly the Pub is something you have to experience. It all starts with walking in.

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