Public Safety is Prepared for the Worst

With the current atmosphere around gun violence, Public Safety provided details on the protocol for when a gun is present on campus. Some details have been excluded for the sake of security of the campus in the event of a crisis situation. According to SNHU’s Student Handbook, “possessing, displaying, using or distributing a firearm or any other weapon or explosive on property owned by

Parking Changes: How They Affect Students and What SNHU is Doing About It

In January 2018, SNHU’s Public Safety office established new policies relating to resident and commuter parking on campus that would affect students and staff in the spring semester. These parking changes were made based on recent surveys done by Public Safety officers which measured how many cars were parked in each lot. These surveys ensure a better understanding of which parking lots are being

Public Safety Addresses Concerns About Gate Closing

SNHU students living on the west side of campus - particularly in Washington or the Townhouses, may be very familiar with “The Gate,” located between the Hospitality building and the Green Space. Policy surrounding when this gate is open and closed, however, seems to be less well-known. “I would guess it closes at 11:30 [p.m.],” said Jamie Griffin (‘19). “10 o’clock… question mark?” said

Gunshots Heard from Campus – Public Safety Responds

Gunshots could be heard from campus on the morning of September 21. Public Safety’s Captain Roger St. Onge confirmed that these sounds were a result of a routine firearms training conducted at the Hooksett Police Department’s facility near the Merrimack River. The Hooksett Police Department confirmed that Manchester SWAT was using their facility. St. Onge stated that these events are “year-round occurrences” and that,

Jim Winn Protects the SNHU Community

Public Safety officers have many responsibilities and duties that most students may not know about. They work every day to ensure that the campus is safe for every student and faculty member. They listen to student concerns and requests, and respond to incidents on campus. Because of the Department of Public Safety, located in the Morrissey House next to the library, students and faculty

The Health and Safety Fair Informs SNHU of Health Services

The Health and Safety Fair was hosted in the Student Center on Thursday, Sept. 29. The main focus of the fair was to bring about a very important theme on campus: awareness. Numerous clubs from around campus (and off campus) gathered together in the Student Center to spread awareness of the opportunities to get involved. Some of the organizations included the Deborah L. Coffin’s