Panelists discussing the different career options for writers.

The Career Development Center at SNHU welcomed all aspiring writers to attend a panel session titled, “What Can I Do with My Writing Skills?” on Tuesday, March 28 in the Gustafson Center.  The purpose of the event was to enlighten SNHU students on the various job opportunities available to them. Conversations were centralized around how students can implement their writing skills in various types of jobs.

The panel consisted of SNHU alumni, faculty and employers. The five panelists selected for the event were Sarah Silvestriadis, Jennifer McLynch, Douglas Howard, Dr. Kristina Wright and Jodi McNeal. Collectively, they reflected on how individuals can use their writing skills in professions beyond teaching, journalism and publishing.  Seated at the end of the table was Sarah Silvestriadis, an alumni who graduated SNHU in 2015.

Working now in public relations, Silvestriadis shared how she uses writing on an everyday basis.

“I hope that students know that there are many different types of writing at least in my field. The world needs more eloquent writers who can share an interesting story,” said Silvestriadis. 

Another SNHU Alumni seated at the table was Douglas Howard. Working now as a District Homeless Liaison Outreach Coordinator, he provided advice to current students.

“I hope students…go volunteer in the community and just enjoy life outside of the classroom. While reading and writing is fun, it’s ok to experience something different,” said Howard.

Other panelists also mentioned that implementing creativity into writing is just as important as providing factual information. Future writers where advised to find their own voice and know their intended audience.  Senior Micah Sheffield, a creative writing major, attended the event to get more information on potential job opportunities related to writing.

“The biggest takeaway I had from the event was that there are many unexpected careers that heavily involve writing, which was greatly reassuring for me,” said Sheffield.   

Regardless of the major, students who attended the event where given the opportunity to learn more about future careers and network with established professionals within their field.

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