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Thanks to Student Government Association (SGA) Suggestion Push Week and the new suggestion board outside our office in the Student Center, the Penmen Press has received an influx of suggestions and ideas for the upcoming academic year. This has allowed us to begin planning for the future of the Penmen Press, and we believe that answering your suggestions is an important way to interact with the SNHU community. SGA Push Week brought the following suggestions to our attention: provide class credits for working on the newspaper; go online; cover more major events on campus; and cover more events in Manchester.

Addressed in the initial order: students can earn 1.5 credits by working on the newspaper per semester in any area of newspaper production. These credits can be applied to the general elective section of a student’s program evaluation. In regards to going online, the Penmen Press has been posting daily content in the form of Penmen Posts on our social media, spanning the last calendar month.

Our newspaper is in the process of creating a website that we intend on launching for the 2017 fall semester.

The final suggestions have led to many discussions within the Penmen Press about diversifying our content. This suggestion has been reflected in the suggestions appearing on our bulletin board that have included current issues like racism, abortion and politics, advice columns, recipes and upcoming events in the Manchester area. It is our hope that we can use these suggestions to better provide the SNHU community with timely and relevant information.

In addition to the suggestions board, you can always reach us at penmenpress@snhu.edu or on Twitter @PenmenPress

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