The Office of Student Involvement at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) hosted the Tacos and Tie-Dye event at the Last Chapter Pub on Oct.16. Student Involvement along with the marketing managers of the Last Chapter Pub, helped coordinate this event.

The event began at 2 p.m. and provided white t-shirts for students who attended the event to tie-dye. There was also a taco bar with an assortment of toppings for participants to choose from.

Students were able to watch the Sunday football game while deciding between a wide variety of colors to tie-dye with, including red, orange, pink, and yellow. Students could tie, design, and dye their own t-shirts while enjoying the tacos.

Mary Nicol, the food and beverage manager of the pub, was working this event. “We wanted to have an activity for students to come and take a break from homework,” said Nicol.

Two SNHU first year students, Elisha Borden and Emily Fendrich, were present at this event. Fendrich said, “The tacos were very good. They had really fresh food.”

This was the first year Student Involvement and the marketing managers of the pub held this event. With more participants and a wider range of apparel to tie-dye, students at the event reported that they would definitely come back next year.

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