Dr. David Swain, a Professor of English here at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), along with Colin Root and Vanessa Rocco, Assistant Professors of Fine Arts and Humanities, have put together this year’s Film Series around the theme “Contemporary Global Cinema.”

Starting Sept. 28 and continuing throughout the year, students can attend a variety of foreign films and enjoy free popcorn. The screenings are held on Wednesday nights in Walker Auditorium on a bi-weekly basis.

Students need not worry if they are not used to the kinds of films being shown. Each screening is followed by an inclusive discussion, geared towards gaining an understanding of what was shown.

“A university education should challenge students to explore points of view from outside their own comfort zones and experiences,” said Swain. “This series gives students the opportunity to do just that.”

The theme is special this time around, as it is the first time the group has decided to carry one through the whole school year. Films of the past 30 years from countries such as Iran, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Canada, India, Australia, and Austria, among others will be shown.

The next film to be screened is “Yeelen,” on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 5:30 p.m. Coming from Mali, a country in West Africa. This film follows a young man with magical powers in his quest to fight his sorcerer father.

Swain encourages students to attend some of the films. “Some of the most rewarding experiences a student can have in college are the unexpected surprises that come with trying something new” said Swain.

The full semester film schedule can be found on posters hanging throughout campus or on the mySNHU portal. For more information, contact any of the three organizing professors.

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