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This article is part of The Penmen Press’s annual April Fool’s edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while…

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has an im­pressive Study Abroad program that has allowed students to travel the world while studying at partner schools in Europe, South America and Oceania. Up until now, students have been able to attend school in Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, Eng­land, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and Spain.

The Study Abroad Office ser­vices and supports its students all over the world, creating a SNHU community that stretch­es across the globe. Wanting to continue their success in creat­ing opportunities for SNHU students, Study Abroad opened discussions with other interna­tional schools on Apr. 1, 2015.

Recent negotiations have seamlessly brought another sister school into the mix: Ant­arctica! South Pole University And College For The Frozen Arts (SPUACFTFA) is an up and coming school that is look­ing to bring new students into their mix. This partnership will give students the unique experi­ence of life in the frozen tundra. Classes offered include those such as Marine Biology, Natural Ecosystems, Igloo 101, Survival Skills and the option to take an elective in Penguin Sliding. This new program seeks to offer stu­dents a study abroad opportuni­ty unlike anything else currently on the map.

Other unique features of South Pole University And Col­lege For The Frozen Arts make it a great fit for SNHU students looking to get away for a while. University parking is available for all students (who will be out­fitted with a Snowmobile upon arrival, so no need to worry about the piling snow, or lack of parking spaces, or crazy plow­ing schedules anymore.

For students considering expanding their undergrad horizons, Antarctica is noth­ing if not the obvious choice. The weather is great (with the recorded high being a whop­ping 9.9°F), and the landscape is practically blinding in its beauty. Coming from NH, it can only be assumed that students are accustomed and enamored with constant cold and snow, and for sure, at South Pole Uni­versity And College For The Frozen Arts they will be sure to see a lot of it.

Upon asking President Penn Guinn about the new partner­ship, he was quick to comment, through only slightly chatter­ing teeth, “We are so happy to have SNHU students joining our community. Suh-suh-suh- South Pole University And College For The Frozen Arts can’t wait to welcome all study abroaders with the warmest of welcomes possible.” It seems that to Mr. Guinn, warm was a relative term.

So to all SNHU students looking to study abroad in the coming semesters, check out South Pole University And Col­lege For The Frozen Arts!

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