While most college students enjoy the holidays because they get to go home and open gifts galore instead of going to class and doing homework, it’s one of my most dreaded times.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy getting time off from school to go home and see my amazing little brother and sister, all the while not feeling guilty about the horrific amount of calories I ingest with a single bite of freshly made cookies. However, when it comes to going home, I don’t exactly enjoy the big ol’ family reunions.

Aunt who and which cousin did what now? Now, since I have a really big family, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of who I’ve met, what their names are, and what their relationship to me is, yet I’m expected to make conversation with an uncle who’s creepily mentioning how grown-up and ladylike I am as he makes eye contact with my chest.

I’m totally supposed to like the drunken and off-key karaoke in the background as I get barraged with a different scent of stale, cheap perfume with each hug. Not to mention, there’s also the really fun game of 20 questions…with the same 20 questions, over and over and over again for every, and I mean EVERY, relative.

What are you going to school for? How are your grades? What do you want to do when you get out? Are you dating anyone? When are you going to get married?  

It’s enough to make me want to stay home and avoid any celebration this holiday season. No, I’m not going to pull a Grinch and take away all of the holiday decorations, delicious food, and glorious presents…as long as I just get left alone in the corner with the cheese platter.

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