As a cashier, I have seen a lot of unsavory personalities throughout the holiday season. Obviously, the holidays bring stress upon everyone for a number of reasons, but that’s not an excuse to take your frustrations out on cashiers and salespeople. Now, not everyone does it but there are a select few that bring their Grinch out while shopping this time of year.  

As a cashier you have to smile and ring a never ending line of people up, saying the same monotonous phrases over and over, and it’s not fun. Luckily, if you work in Massachusetts, you receive a pretty fair salary for your efforts; but if you’re working in New Hampshire or other states where the minimum wage is less than what a 15 year old babysitter makes, there is not much motivating you.

For those of you who think cashiers are being sassy, lazy, and plain ol’ annoyed when you come to their register, let me tell you this: they are most likely working an eight hour shift with maybe a half hour break or two. Their feet are killing them because they are not allowed to sit, and the line will never end! You think it’s annoying to wait in the line! Imagine standing there for hours talking and answering endless questions about things you really could care less about. Then there’s always the asshole boss who makes you stay overtime.

Then there’s also the fact that they probably had to work on Thanksgiving, and maybe, just maybe, they will have to work Christmas, too. So next time you start to get cranky in line and think it’s okay to take it out on the cashiers, think again! Most likely, they’re suffering more than you are.

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