This summer’s construction on the new Green Space. (image credit: Tyler Leighton)

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has always tak­en pride in its forward movement and innovation. This has been seen in many renovations, “green” up­dates, and programs to benefit the student body.

The most recent “green” update has been the construction of a green space in what used to be a parking lot. The summer provided students with updates and promises of a fin­ished space by the start of the 2015- 16 school year.

Emotions over this new project were mixed, with many commuters concerned about parking while oth­ers were just happy to have a place to play Frisbee. Michelle Hegenau­er, on-campus sophomore says, “I’m really excited for the Green Space! I think it will add a lot to our campus!”

On the other hand, commuter Laurelann Easton stated, “I don’t see why we needed a green space for people to use when people seemed to be using the area in front of the library in that way; it mostly just reduced a lot of parking which isn’t very helpful.”

Second year resident Stephen Denis says about the new Green Space, “It’s a shame there will be snow covering it for 5 months of the year.”

Other renovation projects in the works are also highly anticipated by all members of the SNHU commu­nity. Among these is the construc­tion of The Gustafson Welcome Center which is set to break ground some time in December. Another will include the renovation work being done on the old library which is soon to become a permanent home to many resource offices.

The Green Space will offer new opportunities for all students, commuters and on-campus alike. Whether it’s a place to congregate, to sit and play the guitar, to enjoy a picnic, or throw around a football, this new addition to the SNHU campus will be one to enjoy for years to come.

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