Letters from the Editors

Gustafson Welcome Center Welcomes Students

Upon returning to campus in the fall, it is impossible not to notice the construction occurring at every turn. New projects make Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) a perpetual hard hat zone, between the new dorm building and the William S. and Joan Green Center for Student Success and the fast budding Gustafson Center. The Gustafson Welcome Center is named for University President (1987-2003)
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Break Free and Experience “Furi” For Yourself

“Furi” is a rare breed of game. It combines the classic “bullet hell” style of retro games like “Galaga” with the quick-witted parry-dependent nature of a “Dark Souls” to make a great blend of action and tactics. This consecutive boss brawler has no grunts for you to do battle with. It’s just you and the fierce warriors who stand to destroy you. You star
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Summer Movie Review: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Did you watch “Mad Max: Fury Road”? If not, your summer was terrible. It doesn’t matter what you did, nothing can compare to the two hours of fuel injected, super­charged, masterclass of action that ran down critics when hit theaters last May. It isn’t inexcusable if you missed Fury Road. In all honesty, the film had everything going against it be­ing a passable film.
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Summer Movie Review: “Jurassic World”

Let your nine year old self rejoice; dinosaurs are back! That’s what “Jurassic World” proved this summer breaking the record for the highest box office opening weekend ever on its way to becoming the third largest grossing film of all time. The record breaking perfor­mance was unexpected, given that the film is, at times, largely unspectacular. Another of the summer’s many reboot sequels, “Jurassic

The Heart of Campus Just Got a Little Greener

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has always tak­en pride in its forward movement and innovation. This has been seen in many renovations, “green” up­dates, and programs to benefit the student body. The most recent “green” update has been the construction of a green space in what used to be a parking lot. The summer provided students with updates and promises of a fin­ished space